pastel paintings by Ria Hills

pastel paintingsMy pastel paintings are born from the appreciation of the play of light on common objects or a scene.

I started out painting in many mediums and subjects. In 2006 I set a goal to complete a painting a day making small works more affordable to collectors. As my body of work developed, a pattern began to emerge revealing mainly still life subjects.

Although my work is not limited to the still life genre, I’ve learned that still life subjects translate well into a small painting format. The challenge to dig deeper into the details happens, which is what draws me to simple subjects.

My method with pastels is conventional working from hard to soft pastels in layers. The focus is on shapes, color and light, and the challenge of finding the right balance between them.

Food art and pet portraits paintings have become favorite subjects of mine, as well as to my collectors.

I also paint in oils and acrylics. Commissioned paintings are welcomed.