2 apple painting studies

I’ve been working on a new video for my YouTube channel.  Many people are under the impression that pastels are too expensive. They can be and once you get the bug you’ll want every available color and brand.
But, with a very reasonably priced starter set and traditional papers, a great result can be achieved.  So my goal for my next video is to show that it’s possible, with a very limited palette, to create a successful painting. I’m starting with an apple and will choose different subjects for future videos.

These two paintings, although they look pretty good, didn’t turn out well in the video. There’s a bit of a learning curve which I need to work on. The results didn’t match my vision.


Apple One 6″ x 7″ / $50 & $6 shipping


Apple Two 6″ x 6″ / $50 & $6 shipping







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