free pastel painting lessons

free pastel painting lessons

free pastel painting lessonsBy request, I’ve decided to provide free pastel painting lessons through instructional  videos on YouTube.
I also have time lapse videos available. I will be sharing more instructional videos for beginner pastel painters in the near future. You can also view the videos here on my website –
The supply list is short and affordable.
Here are the supplies you’ll need:
A 24 set box of Mungyo Gallery soft pastels
Pastel paper. Preferably Uart brand but any other paper you can get your hands on will do.
(optional)Razor blade
Kneadable eraser
(optional)Tortillon, blending stumps or foam wedges if you don’t want to blend with your fingers.

That’s all you need to start out!

I supply free to use reference photos which have been used for the youtube videos. Below are the images I used for the instructional videos.

Share your paintings with me and I’ll add them to a YouTube video!








My most used materials at Amazon:
Uart paper 
OR Pastelmat paper 
Prismacolor pastels 
Rembrandt pastels 
Unison pastels 
Pastel pencils 
Mungyo pastels (great price)
Rembrandt white pastel