Foiled chocolate bar SOLD

8″ x 8″ daily pastel painting
Well almost foiled! I had quite a setback with this painting. The foil used for the candy bar was so thin that it tore when I unwrapped it and it wrinkled immediately. It was more of a challenge to paint than what I would have liked.For a week I would look at it waiting for me, but every time I’d turn to another project or just leave the studio telling myself that I forgot how to paint. Today I had to force myself to face my fears and tackled that damn foil. I think it (the foil) has a bit of an abstract feel to it . . .not my plan but I’m still pleased with the outcome. Pheew! Onto the next challenge.
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NEWS – The painting “Days of Snow” of my daughter in the snow was used for the cover of Spirit Seeker Magazine. A publication in St. Louis, Missouri.
You can view the painting here on my blog.

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    A superb artist . Best artist I ve seeen.


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