last hurrah SOLD

6″ x 6″ daily pastel painting
unframed  SOLD
This onion’s final moment of glory before I chopped it up and threw it in the pan for stir fry.
Another ‘paint from life’ challenge completed for DailyPaintWorks. I really enjoy on-line challenges when I struggle with thinking of a subject to paint.
Painting from life is so different than from a photo. There are subtleties that a camera just can’t pick up. Reflected light tends to be softer than in a photo where contrast stands out more unrealistically. The day was overcast and rainy which made this more of a challenge to paint. What saved me was the skylight which provided just enough light to allow for contrast. The onion had an abnormal shape and I had to fight the urge to perfect the roundness.

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  • Ann Gorbett May 18, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    I have to remind myself that this is pastel. Just gorgeous.


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