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Petite Fours candy

petite fours 6" x 12" more info 6″ x 12″ framed pastel painting

I received a box of these amazing Petite Four cookies from Marion’s Vintage Bakery. Of course I had to paint some of them first – with Marion’s permission. It was a difficult task to put off eating them with the sweet tooth I have! I can guarantee . . these are so delicious. They are small so you don’t feel like you overindulged.

Marion has quite a resume which you should check out at her Sincredibles website. “Sinfully incredible edible” describes her pastries perfectly.

Please contact me to purchase.


petite fours framed The photo you see is the frame we use for most of my pastels. It compliments them beautifully. They are made of blonde wood and measure 1.25″ deep by 5/8″ wide. The mat measures 2 1/2″ all around.



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