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silver thimble

5″ x 7″ daily pastel painting
This antique silver thimble belongs to my mother. I’m guessing it was purchased in the late 1930’s in Holland or Indonesia. I can’t ask her because she has Alzheimer’s disease and her memories are quite skewed. There are many things I wish I had asked about.I have many wonderful memories of my mother sewing and learning to sew myself. When I was high school I made most of my clothing but always intentionally left unfinished projects for my mother to complete for me. Maybe that’s why I don’t sew anymore ;-)

$120 including shipping and handing in the US. Please email me for international rates.


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  • Lori McNamara

    I love your thimble! I have one from my Grandma, she was always losing it and we would have to find it for her. She would always say some one had stolen it until we finally found it.

    I have similar memories of my mother, she always loved to hem, I hated to, so she would do all my hemming. I don’t sew much any more either.

    Thanks for all the memories your little thimble brought out!

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