strawberry heart SOLD

strawberry SOLD SOLD
5″ x 5″daily pastel painting
I thought a valentine theme might be fun for a few paintings this month. When is it anyway? I think the last time I celebrated this holiday was when I passed out cards in my grammar school class. My husband and I love each other nonetheless.
I think the strawberry should be the fruit icon for Valentine’s Day. It’s such a voluptuous fruit.
I couldn’t find a heart shaped strawberry so I altered the shape as I went along. I wanted to make it subtle enough so it still would maintain its integrity as a strawberry. What a wonderful fruit it is!

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  • Machelle February 1, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    Love it, Delicious! We don’t celebrate it either but I do love the cute factor of this holiday and I don’t mind picking up flowers for the house. Thinking spring more than Valentines. Have a great one!


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