30 days of paintings

30 Days of Painting

Thanks to Leslie Saeta for the 30 paintings in 30 days art challenge which started on September 1st. September was a busy month and I wasn’t sure if I could commit to the challenge but I decided, why not . . . painting is what I do.
I’ve learned a bit more about myself through the process.
I have a tendency to randomly juggle tasks throughout the day.  My plan consists of a mental list of what needs to be done. If one thing gets in the way I’ve been known to drop all the balls.

With the challenge I knew I had to schedule my life better. I started every day completing a painting. All else came after that. If something came up that needed attention the painting was the next thing on the list. Somehow this one daily commitment allowed everything else to fall into place.

I experimented with my painting technique on the days when time was short and discovered that I can paint faster than I thought I could. The plums are an example of that and they are the paintings which received the most praise.

Thank you for keeping up with my blog and facebook posts! Your generous comments and support help keep me on track.

You’ll see 29 paintings here because one was a total fail but I still painted that day so I’m counting the month as a goal completed.


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  1. Enjoyed seeing your daily paintings. Congrats on getting them all done, and so beautifully! I would be lucky to have one done in 30 days!

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