6 marbles daily painting

6 marbles / 6 x 66″ by 6″ daily pastel painting, framed

Sometimes I check my hard drive for photos which I never got around to painting. I came across various compositions I took last year of marble groupings.

I bought a few batches of marbles in mason jars off EBay.

Working small scale can be hard on the eyes and hands and sometimes my back. I’m toying with the idea of working large scale again just to give myself a break. Besides, I think it would be awesome to paint some larger than life objects.

I was inspired by a Chuck Close documentary last week. If you’ve never seen his work live and admire the work of photo-realists, I highly recommend finding his work somewhere.


Please email me for purchasing info.



3 thoughts on “6 marbles daily painting

  1. Yes these are wonderful! Did i see your name as a finalist for still life in the Artist’s Magazine annual competition? Maybe you have mentioned it previously but it would be great to see the painting.

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