absurdity daily pastel painting

7″ by 7″ daily pastel painting, unframed

I have a rock collection. Having them randomly placed in the house reminds me of the ephemeral qualities of life and everything we construct . . . barring spent uranium.So here it is . . not one from my collection though ;-)

Looking at it again I suppose it could be seen as a potato. I hope you enjoy it anyway. Food for thought?

Surrealism is one of my favorite subjects. It’s not a subject I always choose because the ideas usually come to me through a word or a song. For smaller paintings it often requires more detail work which would take more time than a daily painting.

$70 with free shipping and handling in the US. Please email me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.

3 thoughts on “absurdity

  1. i thought the potato was a rock and reminded me of when i was 5 – 8 years. my grandma’s house had a door that never opened, i always thought behind it was a quite big room with a giant rock in it =P

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