Available Paintings

magnolia bud pastel paintingThis gallery contains available paintings that are for sale. I frequently update this gallery after an art sale. My most recent work can also be seen on my blog page. In addition, if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for try commissioning a painting. 

Some art for sale is of animals. When I sell a painting I remove it from the art for sale category. So you can be assured that it’s frequently updated.

I work in pastel, acrylics, watercolor, and oils. The inspiration for a painting often rises from the shape of a piece of fruit.  Sometimes it comes from the visual stimulation of the unexpected pairing of objects. And at other times the humor in a formal arrangement of food. Although my main focus is food art I love to paint many subjects.
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If you are interested in paintings for commercial purposes I am available for hire. View some of the work on the illustration page. I have experience working with creative teams and I love the challenge.
My illustration portfolio contains recent food art paintings for commercial packaging, tile work art, magazine and book covers.
If you are looking for food paintings with a contemporary realism feel that’s what I do best.