beach walkers acrylic painting

beach walkers

“Beach Walkers”

8″ x 8″ x 1″ acrylic painting (unframed)

$120 with free shipping in the continental US
(please email me for international shipping costs)

I spent about half of my life near a beach. My favorite times as a child were of course when swimming was an option. As I got older the beach became more of a sanctuary for me. A place to think or free myself of thought. I now live about an hour from the beach and I’m lucky if I go twice a year. I don’t miss it although I can become nostalgic about it when I see photos.

Originally I had people sitting under umbrellas in this painting but as it progressed I removed them leaving only the walkers. I like the “feel” of it.
More beach scenes coming? Possibly. Your thoughts?