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black plums painting SOLD

black plums black plums

6″ x 9″ unframed black plums pastel painting, SOLD

Painting twenty three of 30 paintings in 30 days.
I love painting under varying lighting. The previous plums painting composition was set up in direct sunlight creating sharper shadows. These were in indirect light softening the shadows a bit and altering the colors. There’s something about black plums that keeps me interested in painting them.

If you are not yet familiar with pastels they actually stand up to a lot of abuse. I tap the back of the painting (when it’s taped to a board) quite hard to remove excess particles. Once framed they will last a long time.¬†Pastels that were painted more than 300 years ago are as bright and beautiful as when they were painted. Read more about pastels ¬†. . . . .¬†


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