Red Tree burst of leaves painting

Red Tree Burst of Leaves painting
5″ by 7″  pastel,

$100 with free shipping in the continental US
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After the last post, I thought I’d use google maps to travel through my country of birth – The Netherlands. Canals are everywhere in Holland. Scenes like this are commonplace and although the landscape is flat the countryside is beautiful! Once I established my shapes and put the reference photo aside the painting literally blossomed. In the original image, there were rows of crops but I wanted this painting to feel more like Holland so I added the flowers.

When I saw this tree I knew it needed a background void of any distractions. The colors have been amazing as usual for this time of year. This is the first year that I’m actually devoting time to painting trees. I always had an aversion to painting in brilliant colors. Apparently, the fear is gone. It’s been a learning experience.