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Boston Winthrop building and pet portrait giveaway

I spent a couple of days in Boston this month and was mesmerized with the architecture. The painting below is of  the Winthrop Building on 50 State Street, Boston. I found out that it was built in 1893 and it’s the first steel frame skyscraper in Boston. (Clarence Blackall, architect) I’m using acrylic paints and it’s larger than my usual work. […]


abstract apple a day SOLD

8″ x 8″ acrylic painting, unframed “Abstract Apple a Day” SOLD painted on a cradled birch panel/1″ deep painted sides I thought it would be a fun project to follow my detailed pastel paintings with an abstract acrylic version. I’ve always loved abstract painting. Contrary to some opinions (which we’ve all heard) it’s more difficult than […]


Viscous Tension abstract pastel

[singlepic id=618 w=350 float=center] 12″ x 12″ unframed pastel I have many abstract sketches but most of them lie waiting. My hesitancy to paint them is a mix of feelings. Mostly I’m unsure of how they will be received since I’m basically a somewhat realist painter. The idea for this piece came after the 2010 Gulf oil spill. The […]