chocolate tart SOLD

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5″ x 5″ daily pastel painting
I knew I’d find the perfect cake at Whole Foods Market. This one was a chocolate cheese cake tart – a tiny single person one. My husband said it was delicious!I wanted to buy more but at $1.99 a pop it would have been an imprudent purchase, especially┬áconsidering that no one was coming for dinner. Next time I’ll bring my camera and beg to take pastry photos . . maybe in exchange for a painting?

Last week I thought I’d get started on a regular daily painting schedule but alas . . life always seem to get in the way. My mother broke her hip and needed surgery. I could have made the choice to visit less and paint more but that would be heartless. She’s recovered amazing well for a 94 year old woman and will be back in the nursing home tonight.