coffee press daily painting

coffee press daily pastel painting
5″ by 7″ daily pastel painting, unframed

I set up this still life last winter in a cardboard still life box and took photos of it which I saved. I really like the composition. I used red fabric for the back drop and a colorful fabric under the objects.
What is so interesting to me is that the painting frequently looks better than the actual still life set-up. It took me a while to realize this. Once I did I knew I didn’t need to limit myself to beautiful objects because the painting is what gives them beauty.
Now I’m inspired to set up some more compositions in my cardboard box.
I’m also ready for a really good flea market to buy more props. If you live in Massachusetts and know of any I’d love to hear from you.

$110 with free shipping and handling in the US. Please email me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.

One thought on “coffee press daily painting

  1. AutumnLeaves

    Your observation is absolutely true. I remember when I took a drawing class (hard to believe I’ve done that one by the pieces I turn out) and the instructor would set up the oddest conglomeration of junk for still lifes, work in capturing proportion and perspective. While the pieces were hugly ugly to behold, they did indeed make beautiful art works. I have always wondered how those coffee presses work. I’ve had one but never knew how to use it! LOL And I love the red and orange backdrops to spice up this lovely composition!

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