human figure,  SOLD

day dream SOLD

day dream daily pastel painting
7″ by 7 3/4″ daily pastel painting, unframed   SOLD

It’s so good to be painting. I’m constantly readjusting my “schedule” to fit my mother’s needs while I care for her. I’m looking for a healthy balance.
I was always accused of daydreaming by teachers as a child. From what I can remember some of it was driven by pure boredom. I recently read a study that daydreamers in general have more empathy than those who didn’t indulge in it. Those who know me well can be the judges of that.
I had fun with the colors in this piece. My husband has red/green color blindness. I’ve always been curious to see how he sees.  A few days ago we were discussing color and he said that many color combinations that are complimentary to those with normal color vision are visually annoying to him. I suppose the only way to solve that problem would be to use only the colors he sees. But I don’t think I will ;-)

The smaller image is how he might see this painting as simulated at
I asked Gary to take a look and he barely sees a difference between the 2 images!

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  • AutumnLeaves

    This piece is beautiful, Ria. I really love the exterior walls and the window here. So interesting to read and see the colorblindness issues. It is almost as though seeing in black and white, it seems.

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