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dog portrait SOLD

dog portrait commission painting

Mars in goggles
5″ x 7″ daily pastel painting

Meet Mars! Mars is a family dog who lives in Arizona with my son Ben and his wife Samantha. He’s a pure mutt. He’s so mixed I doubt that any one knows which breeds are in his family tree. He’s extremely sweet, tolerant and dumb and we love him!

I had a discussion with a fellow painter recently about finding or having found a niche in your art. I’m not quite sure I’ve found mine yet although the dogs in goggles theme is one which I’ve explored with much fun! I’m also working towards painting many more pets. Commissions have been steered my way and they are easily embraced because pets are just fun to paint.

If you are interested in owning a painting of your dog in ‘goggles’ and don’t have the photo just send me a regular shot and I’ll add the goggles as I did here. You can visit to place an order of your dog in goggles or email me.

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    This painting is very compelling. No wonder why it’s easily been sold. Anyway, you photographed the painting very well. Do you have any other paintings available? I look forward to seeing those photos.

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