fractured – a portrait of Alzheimer’s SOLD

16″ x 16″ acrylic painting
surface – stretched canvas
(unframed and ready to hang)
Another painting in the Alzheimer’s portrait series, but I will be not using this one for the planned show. My hope is that the residents and their families will be able to attend. I’ll paint her entire face for that reason.
It’s fascinating that although many ‘blocks’ of their lives may be misplaced or missing, that each person, depending on the severity of the illness, maintains much of her/his personality. Yes, as the disease progresses the fade increases and physical problems become more acute, yet each person remains unique.
I read about a study which showed how important it is to visit loved ones in nursing homes. The study found that even though they might not remember your visit an hour later (for some five minutes), the effects of the time spent with loved ones remain for hours past their actual memory of the visit.