Golden paint tube painting

8.5″ x 5.5″
$100 + $10 shipping in the continental US
unframed pastel painting

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I had left this tube of paint on the drafting table not realizing that it was still open. I went to close it but then decided to give it a little squeeze to let a bit of paint flow out . . . I already knew that it would be a good subject to paint. 

There are days when I can’t decide what to paint. Today I’m back to my old rule of “paint what’s in front of you”. I get a lot more done that way!

In other news, I recently added a new pastel lesson video to my YouTube channel. You can view it here. I’ve had a great response to the lessons. Although challenging it’s really fun and I love hearing from the viewers, and leading people to fall in love with this medium!

My January landscape painting sale is still in progress and it will be up until the end of the month.