Henry Rd. in Napa SOLD

“Henry Road”
Artesa Vineyards & Winery, Napa CA
7.50″ x 9″  pastel painting  SOLD

I lived in Berkeley, CA in the 70’s and loved it. Driving through Napa Valley seemed magical . . . there were many places in California that felt magical. The terrain is so beautiful in spots. As far as I know it’s the closest place in the US where one will experience a similar beauty to France and Italy. Someone I know who is french told me that and I agreed once I started driving around France in Google’s ‘street view’. Traveling has never been a huge priority for me but I recently started a list of places to go and France and Italy are at the top. Actually they are the only ones on the list!

Be sure to visit my new blog of Painted Vineyards! It’s my new project and I include the Google ‘street view’ of the reference for the painting.here’s a link to Artesa Winery – http://www.artesawinery.com/index1.html

Available at Preservation Framer

2 thoughts on “Henry Rd. in Napa SOLD

  1. Thank you Kim! Much appreciated. I was happy with my marks on this one . .especially the shadow of the tree in the foreground.

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