Hibiscus watercolor painting

Hibiscus watercolor flower

Hibiscus watercolor painting8″ x 8″ Hibiscus watercolor painting
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This is my second watercolor flower painting in this series for the month. I searched the depths of my hard drive for photos of flowers to find this one. There are many flowers which I’ve saved over the years but never painted.

The reference photo I used has a white flower. I wanted to keep the white background and decided to change the color of the flower. I’m still experimenting with white flowers on white so I may post one soon.

This watercolor flower project piqued my interest in botanical art and artists. I love the traditionalist when it comes to this subject. During my search, I ordered a book with the illustrations of Pierre-Joseph Redoute. It’s arriving tomorrow and I can’t wait to look through it.

My works of flowers in pastel.