Paintings of People

­inner child








I thought I’d finish this painting today but it’s not happening so I decided to share the stages and process.

I work most of my pastel paintings in layers. I start with a sketch of the concept I have in mind and work with the values in the painting first.
Then I started building on the drawing in blocks of color.

More layers of color and subtle details will be added before it’s complete.

Conceptual painting is my favorite of all. The idea comes first and the painting is a means to convey it. The process is much more fun to me than painting what’s in front of me, i.e. an object or scenery. The reason I don’t paint many conceptual pieces for my daily blog is mostly based on the time element. The process just takes too long most of the time – at least for me. Many of my larger pieces are conceptual, surreal . . .what ever you’d want to label them.

I keep a journal where I write and often sketch ideas that come to mind. Many of them are inspired by dreams, songs, people that pass through my day . . . . and each of these ideas flashes as a vivid image in my mind before I take note of it.
Sometimes the images are moving which makes me wonder sometimes if I should have chosen film or animation as a profession.

If you have any interest in purchasing this piece before it’s complete please email me.