Ladybird painting

lady bug 3 / 5 x 5

5″ x 5″ daily acrylic painting¬†

surface – 1 1/2″ stretched canvas
painted sides and ready to hang

$70 with free shipping in the continental US
(please email me for international shipping costs)

She’s called a ladybug here in the states, but in England, they call her ladybird.
I’m on a bug kick. I’m painting another one of these cute bugs on a 22″ x 30″ canvas! My job is just too much fun.

One thought on “Ladybird painting

  1. I am so proud that I have inspired such a brilliant mind as yours to paint a painting based on one of my photographs. You are incredibly talented. God has definitely given you a great gift and I am honored to have inspired your amazing mind! Great job!

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