lobster roll

crab cake pastel painting6″ x 6″ pastel painting, unframed

Another painting for our “Play on Words” blog. To see Gary’s drawing that inspired this painting and for purchasing info please visit the blog.

Tonight we’ll be going to the first anniversary of the gallery that offered to represent my work – thanks Matt. I always want to go incognito. That’s impossible if the gallery owner is there or if you invite friends. One of these days I will find a way.


  • AutumnLeaves

    Ok, have to admit that I really love the lobster roll! LOL I haven’t seen a poppy seed hot dog bun in quite awhile. Makes me want a Chicago style hot dog! And of course, who doesn’t like lobster! Here’s one for your other blog: Oxtail Soup! (Sorry if I stepped on your husband’s toes! LOL)

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