Make Lemonade pastel still life painting

Make Lemonade

6″ by 6″  pastel painting, unframed

$100 with free shipping in the continental US
(please email me – – for international shipping costs)
I’m back to painting still life subjects. Soon this painting will have more of a nostalgic feel because winter is closing in on us in New England.
Each painting has its challenges. Painting the ball jar cap was a big one. Keeping track of those rings was annoying at times. I hope it works visually!
In the news! My strawberries painting won judge’s pick at Daily Paintworks for the September contest.


One thought on “Make Lemonade pastel still life painting

  1. Hi Ria, I really like it! No problem with the rings! It has been so long since I painted every day and did your challenges that you had with a friend. Congrats on winning the monthly contest, that is quite an honor with so much competition. Happy Fall

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