My Morning Coffee still life painting

6″ x 6″ pastel painting, unframed
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The first thought in the morning after making my coffee is usually “What should I paint today?”. Today it was right in front of me so I placed the coffee in my shadow box so I could get a nice light effect. 
This mug is my daily use mug which was a gift from my daughter. Not only is it a great shape to hold but it turns out to have been a great shape to paint.

You may have been wondering why I moved my BUY links to Etsy. Beside having my posts here I also list my paintings at DailyPainters and DailyPaintWorks. It was getting to be too much work to update all the links after a sale and Etsy seemed like a great alternative. I can now sell in one place without the worry of more than one person buying a painting. And it gives me a bit more exposure which is always a good thing!

If you prefer to purchase directly through me, just send me the name of the painting and I can still create a PayPal invoice.