roller skates 8" x "8

Old School Roller Skates painting

Old School Roller Skates painting


8″ x 8″ acrylic painting on 3/8″ board

$150 plus $10 for shipping and handling in the continental US

I’ve been slowly going through stuff in the house for a future move. There are bags and boxes with stuff that has been given away, thrown away and those objects that are just to difficult to part with. These were falling in that category until I painted them. It’s quite freeing to declutter my life and I have far to go! 

This painting had a few challenges. The biggest being keeping track of the intertwining laces. My favorite part – the curve of the tongue on the right skate.



These old school roller skates are from my younger days when I graduated from the skates that required a key for sizing. Does any one else remember these? 

Old School Roller Skates painting


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