5x7Paintings of People

painting of a hand

artist's hand / 5 x 7“A Day in the Life”
5 x 7 pastel painting (unframed)

$100 with free shipping in the continental US
(please email me -rh@riahills.com- for international shipping costs)

You should see my clothing at the end of the day! The plus side to using pastels is that they wash out. I painted this in response to an art challenge at dailypaintworks.com. And yes. . it’s my hand. Please email me for purchasing information.

In other news  . . the winner of the painting giveaway was selected by my husband Gary. He came inside for a break from fall clean-up in the yard and was gracious enough to pick a name for me. Congratulations to Linsey from the UK! I will be sending you the painting soon.
Thanks to all who entered. It was wonderful to have so many comments and realize that my audience is larger than I sometimes think it is.
Stay tuned for the December giveaway. I’ll be posting it on December 1.