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pink rose cupcake SOLD

pink rose cupcake daily pastel painting
6″ by 6″ daily pastel painting, unframed

It was a bit difficult to get started today mostly because I wasn’t sure what to paint, so I searched my hard drive and picked a random cupcake photo to work from.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. My sister and her family came from New York and they all stayed overnight. We had a wonderful celebration!
I’ve been busy with web design work for the past week. I’ve designed a few blog banners and edited some php and css code. I used a wordpress template to design the sites but you’d never know because I recoded it. Now the owner of the websites can edit her site from the backend in wordpress without having to ftp. You can see them here and here. Once I get started with web design and coding it’s almost like painting. It’s so much fun that it’s hard to switch gears. Yes, I’m a bit of a geek.
Anyway, while working I thought it might be fun and useful to create a site for bloggers who need some help with coding, image preparation and anything else that could be a potential question. I made a new blog with information that I learned over the years. Here’s the link – Blogging Basics and More. I’m hoping to update it on a weekly basis.
wasp photoNo, it’s not a painting but I just had to upload it. I was cleaning the pool deck and there was a wasp (I think it’s a wasp) in a dormant state inside the umbrella. I carefully removed it thinking it might “wake up” but it stayed on the table unable to move. I had to run inside to get my camera. Feel free to grab this image if you have a use for it.


  • ria

    AutumnLeaves – It’s true that you can’t believe everything you read on the internet. I just researched (a bit late) on wasps.
    Wikipedia states that only the queen goes into dormancy. After successfully mating, the male’s sperm cells are stored in a tightly packed ball inside the queen. The sperm cells are kept stored in a dormant state until they are needed the following spring. At a certain time of the year (often around autumn), the bulk of the wasp colony dies away, leaving only the young mated queens alive. During this time they leave the nest and find a suitable area to hibernate for the winter.

  • AutumnLeaves

    I love learning something new and I did not know that wasps went into a dormant state. On another blog, I read that some fruit or other (the blogger thought crabapples) ferment on the trees (unless she was being facetious). At any rate, I love your cupcake painting. The frosting art is delicious!

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