portrait of Jesse

morning coffee daily pastel paintingThis is a pastel portrait of my oldest son Jesse.

I’ve been working on honing my skills in portraiture. It can be grueling work to capture a likeness and I’m very happy with the results. Once I realized that working on a face is pretty much the same as any other subject it became easier. It’s just a matter of isolating the various shapes and then fine tuning. Oh, and not being overly attached to the progress or results . . I have a tendency to get in my own way.
You’ll probably notice that I got lazy with the shirt.
Anyone who knows Jesse would recognize him.


Another olive painting tomorrow if I can get started on it today. Also, the SALE below is still on! If you are interested in a larger work check out my blog of larger paintings. I have also reduced the prices on those paintings which include some oils and acrylics.