red onion painting

6″ x 6″ daily acrylic painting

surface – hardboard panel

$70 with free shipping in the continental US
(please email me for international shipping costs)
For the next few weeks, I hope to finish an acrylic painting each day of a simple subject like this one. That’s my goal at least . . wish me success.
I may sneak in a pastel somewhere but for now, because of limited time, I’ll be keeping it a bit more simple by translating the subject into basic blocks of color without the detail that you may be used to seeing.
I had fun working on this painting. My favorite part is the onion skin on top. I am always amazed at what a simple block of color is capable of suggesting to the eye.

Now for some news! I was recently asked to donate a painting to the Art in the City fundraising art auction in Worcester, Massachusetts. Proceeds of the sale will go the Family Health Center in Worcester . . the same health center where I took my twins 34 years ago in downtown Worcester. Now to decide which painting to donate . . .