red pear #2

5″ by 7″ daily pastel painting, unframed
surface – pastelboard
I found this little red pear in the supermarket many months ago and snapped a bunch of photos. It’s one of many pears that I’ve painted. What is it about this fruit that inspires so many painters to use it as a subject? For me I think it’s the curvature.

For those of you who “watch” my work, thanks for sticking around. Some of you know that I needed to place my mother in a nursing home back in March. Since then my work has been neglected. Priorities needed to change and I was daunted with the juggling of responsibilities. I cleaned and reorganized the studio this week and decided to give daily painting, or at least 4 times weekly, a try again.
By the way . . my mother has adjusted well to her new home.

3 thoughts on “red pear #2

  1. Love this pear Ria. Its not easy getting the curves of the fruit..but you did it. Well done.

    My Dad is in a nursing home due to a fall and will be coming home soon so I understand what you’re going through….I found painting was my time to unwind and relax…with that, I’m looking forward to your next painting.

  2. Beautiful painting…yes, I think you’re right about the pear and the reason we artists love to use it for a subject…the curvature.

    I know, somewhat, what you’re going through…I have an older mom living with me, and I know balancing your art and home responsibilities can make a person crazy. lol
    Hang in there…your art is beautiful.

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