red pear

6″ by 7″ daily pastel painting, unframed


My husband shops and cooks on weekends which gives me more focused time to paint. Yesterday he brought home 3 red pears. 
I had to make a new still life box to stage the pear. I probably took about 50 photos and I was happy with 3 of them. This is the first and there will probably be more to come.
I love the colors of this pear and I bumped the colors up a bit on the fork.
The timing for my recent pear paintings couldn’t have been more perfect. Mario at contacted me earlier today to ask if he could post one of my pear paintings and I found out that the Pastel Journal is having a fruit and/or vegetable still life painting competition!

6 thoughts on “red pear

  1. Love the pear and the fork and the one with the pear and the silver pitcher. How easy is it to set up a still life box? I could manage the box bit I think, but start to struggle only having the normal lamps around the house! Have a couple of working lamps which I can adjust but don’t know what kind of bulbs to use. Great to see pastels being used this way too!


  2. Have just been looking at all your work………..and I’m blown away. You are an excellent artist. When you say “pastel” do you mean oil pastels? Just wondering because of how realistic your work is. I could never get the hang of oil pastels. Maybe it’s the Lyme arthritis. Had tendinitis too and needed surgery. Did I read that you had tendinitis somewhere along the line? How are you doing. Hope you stop by my site LIMITED SPACE ART STUDIO. I am looking for artist friends. Will certainly follow you.

  3. LOLOL I was serious about wondering if the pear was this tiny. There is so much in this world that I don’t know about and I thought maybe this was an exotic pear or something! But still and yet, methinks you’ve answered my question! Now I’m craving a wee pear tartlet…bite-size!!

  4. Yes. . it’s a tiny pear! Or maybe the fork is enormous? hmmm
    Thanks for the comment. It’s always appreciated.

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