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Skyline Blvd, San Francisco

6″ by 9″ daily oil painting, unframed

Driving on Skyline Blvd heading south on Route 1 (the coast road) was by far my favorite road trip when I lived in Berkeley. There are so many spectacular views along the road.
I frequently get excited with the idea of a new theme for a series of paintings although I don’t always follow through because I find another theme that excites me to replace it. For the time being I plan to work on landscapes.
I had to photograph this and I miss using my scanner. With pastels I can place the painting directly on the scanner bed and my colors usually match up perfectly. I needed to make adjustments in Photoshop to have the image match the painting. It matches very well, even though you can’t see the creaminess and texture of the paint. Then there’s always the monitor differences.
Once the painting is dry enough it will be shipped. It should take less than a week.

$120 with free shipping and handling in the US. Please email me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.

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