Nautilus Giveaway

Small Blue Boat and Painting Giveaway SOLD

Nautilus GiveawayI was chosen as the spotlight artist at this week. You can read the interview at the link and have a chance to win this painting if you’ve purchased from DPW in the past month . . . or buy one painting from any of the other painters (or mine) and enter for a chance to win.

There’s quite an array of styles and mediums to choose from.





[singlepic id=625 w=400 float=center] 8″ x 6″ pastel

A commissioned piece based on my Blue Boat painting. I made some minor changes. I have less clouds in this painting because the size is much smaller. I didn’t want it to be too busy.

I had the permission of the photographer to use this image. I would love to find old boats to photograph. I’ll have to go on a boat search this summer. Any recommendations? I live in Massachusetts.