Stacked Rocks acrylic painting SOLD

6″ x 6″ acrylic painting, on board

I thought I’d continue with painting flowers this morning, but as beautiful as they are I really love rocks more. “They” always say paint what you love. I must say that I struggle with that advice. I love my family more than anything but I’m more of a still life painter so stacked rocks it is!
I saw my first Cairn, or stacked rocks, at Red Rock Creek, Sedona, AZ. in 2001. I’ve been slightly obsessed with them since.  The balancing of the rocks and their varying colors and shapes excite me. And they humble me as well considering they’ve been here long before me.


When I started this painting I already had a background painted on my board.  Once I scanned the painting I noticed that the background was way too distracting so I changed it to what it is above.

It’s interesting to see what a difference a background can make.  I’ve learned over the years that backgrounds are just that – backgrounds. They are backdrops for the part of the painting you want the focus to be on.





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