Statue of Hope painting

Statue of HopeA taste of hope.
“Statue Of Hope”

8″ by 17″ framed pastel painting
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Statue of Hope was hiding in the studio and although it was painted in 2010, it seems appropriate to share now. It is of a local landmark in Hopedale, MA. which was created in 1904. The sculpture stands at the side of the Bancroft Memorial Library and is part of what was once a drinking fountain.

I’m not sure why it was named The Statue of Hope. From what I know about the town it was a time of local philanthropy.

The original statue is a large fountain with the woman in the center. The library is in the background which I removed and added the sky to focus on the woman.

Statue of Hope painting, Hopedale, MA


Here’s another painting of her with the library in the background. It’s part of a collection at a local bank.



Both of these were painted on Canson Mi-Teintes paper. It has much less tooth that the paper I now use. I’m surprised when I look back at these because of the level of detail I was able to achieve with such a simple paper. I may just try working on it again.

I’ll be working on a watercolor flower again today. The winner of my free painting giveaway was picked. Congratulations to Michelle. I’ll be painting a yellow tulip for her.




The painting is framed and for sale. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing.
framed painting