surreal raven painting SOLD

“Trapped”  SOLD
12″ x 12″ acrylic painting 

surface – stretched canvas, finished sides
It doesn’t need to be labeled as a surreal piece. I’ve seen ravens about this size in Arizona and New Mexico. The room could be smaller than an average room. But it is surreal in that it has a dream like quality.
I was stuck with this painting for a while because I couldn’t decide if I should add more detail, but in the end I wanted to suggest a feeling rather than create a photo-real painting.I seem to enjoy the concept of painting birds in chairs. My painting “Raven” is one you might also want to see.

(photo reference for room from Tulay Palaz)
Thanks to Chelsea for naming this painting ;-)
Next painting – some olives in pastel or possibly acrylic. Please stay tuned!