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Abstract Coffee painting SOLD

6″ x 6″ pastel painting, unframed SOLD I’m stepping out of my comfort zone with this painting of a coffee cup. Abstraction was something I did a lot in my younger years. As I became more detailed with my work, leaning toward realism, painting in the abstract became more of a challenge. Although I want […]


Morning Coffee break pastel still life painting SOLD

6″ by 6″  pastel painting, unframed SOLD     I love my coffee and I’ve also painted quite a number of coffee cups. During the painting process my focus changed from painting a coffee cup to painting circles. Drawing out the circles in the beginning is not too difficult.  On the other hand, maintaining the […]


Coffee and a Crow acrylic painting SOLD

The Visitor 6″ x 6″ acrylic painting (unframed) painted on panel SOLD I recently sold my last of the morning coffee series of paintings. I love the theme so here’s another with a different slant.  Is it a crow or a raven? I’m not always sure but they are both my favorite birds. I’ve been working […]