fruit,  orange,  SOLD

The Gift – orange slices SOLD

8″ x 8″ daily pastel painting

Today . . actually yesterday, I was in a painting frenzy! Two small works completed in one day is a record for me.
The bowl was a gift from Linda. She went to Dubai during the holidays and brought our family the most beautiful presents. Thanks Linda!
If I had known that beautiful bowls could make a painting so lovely I would have used them as a subject a long time ago. Now I’ll need to go on a bowl hunt for more.

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  • Anonymous

    ria…again you inspire me…I read your interview and am again inspired…as a retired school teacher, the painting i do also keeps me grounded and instills confidence.

    i’ll send you my version of oranges/spirals..i feel i have a lot to learn from you!!!

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