Tiny Vase SOLD

[singlepic id=804 w=300 float=center] 5″ x 6.5″ unframed pastel

The day started off great!
My parents are finally sharing a room in a wonderful nursing home. The past three weeks have been spent getting my father settled, moving stuff and filling out tons of paperwork.

Today was to be my first painting day in weeks. I cleaned the studio and was ready to paint from a wonderful landscape photo which is on my hard drive. As soon as I opened the file all the power went off in the studio.

My son took a look at things and it seems that there’s a problem which will take time to remedy. Oh great! There go my plans. So I decided to look for something to paint from life among my mother’s trinkets. i found this adorable 1 1/2″ tall vase. I’m pretty sure it’s from Holland.

If Harvey Hubbell hadn’t invented the extension cord I wouldn’t be able to share this new painting with you.


[singlepic id=808 w=150 float=left]The photo you see is the frame we use for most of my pastels. It compliments them beautifully. They are made of blonde wood and measure 1.25″ deep by 5/8″ wide. The mat measures 2 1/2″ all around.

$200 framed including shipping and handing in the US. Please email me for international rates.