Tulips giveaway

single yellow tulip painting

Last week I had a painting giveaway on my Facebook page. The winner receives an 8×8 watercolor painting of their favorite flower. Through a random selection app a woman named Michele was the winner. It turns out that I know her. Michele worked in the memory care unit of the nursing home my mother was in during her final years. Even with advanced dementia, my mother retained her sense of humor. She and Michele shared many special moments and lots of laughs! Knowing she was a part of my mother’s life when I couldn’t be there brought me a great sense of relief.

Michele’s favorite flower is a yellow tulip. The first painting I did is the single tulip. I wasn’t completely happy with it so I painted the group.

Since I’ve been developing my watercolor skills I’ve gained a new respect for artists who work with this medium. It’s a lot less forgiving than pastel.  I’ve tried painting loosely but my natural inclination is focusing on detail so I’ll stay with that. Why fight your nature?