Shipping and Returns

Shipping and Returns

I thought it might be of interest to buyers and pastel painters who are inexperienced with the shipping process to see how I ship pastel paintings.

First they are mounted on a 3/16″ or heavier foam core board that is approx. 2″ all around the artwork.The artwork is then secured with acid free tape on 4 corners to the board. Then glassine paper (a smooth surfaced clear paper that does does not act as a magnet for the pastel .particles) is taped securely on all sides.
Another foam core board the same size as the first one is placed over this and taped tightly, sandwiching the painting between the foam core board to prevent it from shifting and smearing.
This is then placed into a padded packing envelope that is slightly larger than the foam core. Along with the painting I include thorough matting and framing instructions.

I always ship the painting using Priority Mail with the USPS within the continental US. International shipping methods vary.

I have shipped 100’s of paintings. Out of those only one was slightly smudged which may have been a result of improper unpacking. I was able to instruct the buyer how to repair it (it was a minor smudge), and she was very satisfied with the result. She also received a lesson in working in pastels at the same time.

RETURN POLICY: If by any remote chance the painting ARRIVES damaged (proof will be required) I will reimburse you or paint a new one free of charge. I fully guarantee my work. If you think that the painting was not properly represented on the web you may return it for a full refund (not including shipping). You will be refunded once I inspect the painting to verify that it was returned in the same condition.

If you choose to return a painting please do so within 3 days of receiving it and send it the same way it was shipped. Also email me so I know to expect it.

Generally I do not sell pastel paintings on the web with mats and frames. Frames are very individualized and dependent on where you plan to hang it, personal color preferences and varying costs. I feel that it is best for you to choose your mat and frame.
However if you do want your painting framed I can arrange that through the framers I use.  More information at Custom Frames.

Oh by the way, the whistle painting is still available.